How To Manage The Best Protein And Weight Loss For Women

Increase Protein For Weight Loss – Does It Help?

Losing excess fat on our bodies is what we want when we try to lose weight. However, when we lose weight through various diets, we can be at danger of also losing vital muscle tissue. Eating the right proteins for each of our 3 meals a day, can not only help us lose weight, but it will decrease our need to snack and it will help curb our hunger pangs. The American Dietetic Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, reports that 1/3 of women, especially between the ages of 20 and 40, do not eat properly to get their regular daily amount of protein. If women are on a low calorie diet to lose some body fat, increasing their protein intake is essential because their body will use protein as its main energy source.

Protein and Weight Loss Marriage

Enriched FoodsProtein and weight loss go hand and hand! Dr. Oz, the TV physician guru, as well as professional dietitians, believe that the best protein for women should resemble the following:

• Nuts: almonds, nut butters, cashews;

• Beans: lentils, black beans, chickpeas, pinto beans;

• Dairy: Greek yogurt which only contains 23 grams of protein. Cheese can be eaten as one of the best protein for women, which includes Romano, Swiss, Mozzarella, and low sodium Parmesan;

• Meats / Seafood: Chicken, lamb, pork and turkey are great on a high protein diet, as long as they are all lean slices. Fish that are great for protein and weight loss, includes tuna, salmon, halibut, talapia, and anchovies.

MarriageFor a woman’s animal protein choices, they can have eggs, skinless chicken, lean steak, and fish. Mini meals throughout the day, work very well in a weight loss environment, plus it helps in keeping the weight off. Eating one serving every two to three hours, instead of 3 large meals everyday will help the body to absorb the foods more quickly. Other best protein for women foods, that have only one to three grams of fat per 50 calorie serving, looks like this:

• Breakfast: oatmeal, low skim milk, blueberries

• Lunch: turkey sub, small bag of chips

• Snack: apple slice w/almond butter

• Dinner: salmon fillet, brown rice, steamed broccoli

Added Protein Enriched Foods

There are many other low calorie foods that women can benefit from loss, even though they don’t necessarily have the highest protein levels, such as:

• Green Tea: Green tea contains a weight loss trigger chemical, called “catechins.” It triggers the body to burn calories, which in turn decreases fat cells within the body.

• Soups: By eating low calorie and low sodium soups, hunger pangs will remain at bay, plus soups will give women a feeling of being full and satisfied.

• Salads: If you like eating salads with eggs or meat , it is okay. You are still eating a protein based food that will help you feel full. The trick is to not mix in or top them off with fat cheeses or fat dressings.

A Protein Secret

The secret to protein and weight loss is the natural protein itself. The trick is that when people begin to lose pounds, it is because they have increased the amount of protein in their diet. High protein foods, metabolically, digest more slowly, which means that men and women are burning more calories by the body’s ability in processing the proteins. A longer digestion time track, means that you will stay fuller longer, without crashing and burning that happens on diets that suggests eating more refined carbs or if women eat too many fatty foods. In other words, the “thermic” effect of food is the energy we use to digest food into small, absorbing components. Protein has a higher thermic content than carbs and fat, which means that our body is actually burning more calories to process protein than to process the fat and carbs.

Benefits of Adding Protein For Weight Loss

Protein diets, triggers a blood protein chemical called “albumin.” The process for albumin is to draw water out of connective tissues, where they are stored, creating bloating and fluid retention. If the body does not get rid of excess water, it causes inflammation, where albumin leaks from the kidneys into the urinary tract, causing heart risks, weight gain, and other problems. Proteins naturally build and repair our skin, enriches the blood, strengthens muscles and cartilage. Our bodies also use protein to produce certain enzymes and hormones, as well as anti-bodies, which keeps our bodies, safe from harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins.

The Power of Protein For Women

So, how much protein does a woman need? Physicians and dietitians agree that men get their protein requirements at 56 grams a day and women get their nutritional needs at 46 grams per day. A woman’s normal protein requirements, depends on their weight, how active they are, and whether they are pregnant or not. The USDA requirements, recommend that between 17% and 21% of a woman’s total calorie count should be from protein. These protein and weight loss recommendations are based on a semi-active women.

If a woman is constantly busy or who constantly exercises, their protein intake requirement should be increased. If women are dieting and are consuming less calories from carbs and fats, the protein intake will also need to increase. Also, the best protein for women are the proteins that make up the amino acids that are “essential.” Essential means that they are not naturally created by the body and they must be consumed through our foods.


Again, foods that are high in protein and low in saturated fat for women, includes lean meat, fish, beans, dairy products, whole grains, nuts, and soy products. As a matter of fact, proteins from beans, whole grains, and soy are far healthier than animal proteins, even if it is lean meat. Of course, for women who are unable to eat their protein recommendations, they can include protein drinks and shakes. However, a woman’s protein drink should contain less protein in it, then men drink. As a result, protein drinks for women should be higher in Vitamin B6, folic acid and iron than the protein drink contents for men. When asked whether protein and weight loss – does it help – the answer is yes and in various delicious forms.